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Watch W5’s documentary coverage of our Executive Director – Orlando Bowen’s journey of adversity and forgiveness, and the beginning of the movement that is “One Voice, One Team!”

When we asked this years SWOLE camp staff to come up with a cheer that talks about the meaning of One Voice One Team, they decided to take things to another level. Lets Go, one voice one team!

We can all lead through service to others, the little things we do can have a profound impact in someone’s life. Join The Movement and make a difference in the life of another – do it today and do it with passion.

A hulking, 6’5″, 400 pound young man, with a world of talent one day sat with his head hanging down, feeling the weight and the burden of life after just losing his father. He felt the searing pain of loss and soon sought refuge and happiness in substances (alcohol, drugs) but to no avail. One day, he was exposed to something that to this day remains his passion. He found his ‘thing’…this ‘thing’ gave him hope, perspective and an understanding that life is a journey and pain is a part of that journey. One Voice One Team had the privilege of engaging this young man and treated him like the superstar he is. This young man grabbed a hold of those opportunities to engage with One Voice One Team as though his very life depended on it…later on we found out that it did. Meet Kyle

The 2016 OVOT Muskoka All-Stars share the impact of OVOT Programming in Partnership with the MuskokaWoods Youth Resort. Thank you to everyone involved – MuskokaWoods Foundation, Mastercard Foundation & The Michael “pinball” Clemons Foundation!

Thank to the MasterCard Foundation who has graciously supported One Voice One Teams efforts to equip young people with the tools they need to be successful. Their donations have made a life changing impact in the lives of young people in our community.

One Voice One Team had an amazing opportunity to go to Northern Quebec and visit multiple Cree Nation Communities. This month we are taking a look back at the journey.

OVOT supports The Circle of Hope – FIGHT promo – Circle of Hope is a cancer support group for people whose lives have been touched by cancer – whether they have the disease or supporting a friend or family member who does. For more information check out

One Voice partners with Muskoka Woods to present 2015 OVOT Muskoka High school All-Stars. This group of young people have gone above and beyond to make a difference in their Home, School and Community. Therefore we have selected them for an amazing week of team building, leadership and fun in Muskoka Woods.

On Wednesday, October 14, One Voice One Team launched a crowd funding campaign to support 10,000 youth, many at risk, in a powerful program that centres around resilience and making a difference here’s the video that launched this initiative.

Former Toronto Argonaut, Orlando Bowen was honoured with the Harry Jerome Award for Community Service.

He was a professional football player but when he was attacked by two men in a dark parking lot -Bowen was just plain scared. The attack ended his C-F-L career but he turned that loss into a win for himself and for kids across the GTA. Just watch and you’ll see how big Bowen’s heart really is

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