S.W.O.L.E Program

The “S.W.O.L.E™” school program is a customized program that is based on the needs, mission and opportunities of the school or organization we partner with. Youth are engaged in a series of cognitive activities designed to teach five leadership principles, Self respect, Work hard, Overcome adversity, Lead by example, Excellence.  Staff serve as role models and supportive mentors to empower, train and coach youth on how to practically apply what they’ve learned into their families, school and communities.



Man UP – What does it mean to MAN UP?  It means to step up and learn how to take care of your responsibilities as a young man.  It means to pursue your dreams and goals despite the real-life challenges that will most assuredly come your way.  It means being able to use your passion to make a difference in the lives of others.  The MAN UP program helps young men develop real-life skills through the practical fundamentals of basketball.  Young men learn how to apply a positive, respectful and resilient attitude to their daily school and home life experience. They learn key life lessons that will motivate them to build healthy relationships and believe in themselves. The program manager Jermaine Frazer, is passionate about basketball and has used his passion to give back to youth who are in need.  He says ‘Teaching young men to stand up for what is right even if they have to stand alone is what it means to MAN UP.’

Get Fit- The Get Fit program is designed to encourage and inspire young people to be active. Highly energetic and physically engaging, the Get Fit Program emphasizes cooperative activities to stimulate learning. Athlete mentors teach young people the fun of physical activity and the importance of healthy living while emphasizing the importance of working together and supporting one another. The Get Fit program format is a half day to full day event.

Staff Training 

One Voice One Team offers inspirational keynotes and workshops for administrators, teachers and school support staff. We are firm believers that everyone plays a role in creating and fostering a safe, inclusive and productive learning and working environment. It is our duty to support educators and others who have committed themselves to the service of youth through education.

‘This was a very motivating, energizing, educational emotional workshop., it makes me want to be a better teacher for the students I encounter. THANK YOU!’ – educator, Peel District School Board




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