We are not worthy of such greatness at our school!  I am speechless!  You and your team are incredible and super heroes to our community!  Your message–so AWESOME!  We want you next year!  What about OCTOBER? NOVEMBER?  You are a man I can learn so much from and I love every minute I get to talk with such wisdom!  Thank you for your presence at Copeland!  You have touched so many that words cannot express our thanks and so many students will never be the same again.  Thank you! 

Jennifer Cuthbertson, Teacher, Copeland Public School 

You definitely started some deep thinking, inner reflection and truth telling in my Fashion Arts class.  I gave the students the choice to write a poem or a letter for you, responding to your poem and your workshop on Monday.  It was THEIR idea to make them special by adding color and pictures, or to write a good copy.  As a teacher, I live for days like this when the magic happens. With gratitude.

Jenny Stimac, Teacher, Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute


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